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    British Columbia Oil Imports

    The gently-sloping hills of the Western Sedimentary Basin, so conducive to the formation of oil underneath Alberta, extend through the north-east corner of mountainous British Columbia. It didn't take long for oilmen to start looking for oil in this area. After a while to transport oil to markets, a Canadian pipeline building boom happened. There were several massive projects Canada had seen up to that time. 

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    ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and Avetta FAQ

    Complyworks is a Canadian company with headquarter in Calgary, Canada. It provides flexible and affordable compliance management solutions. With the help of Complyworks, you can go beyond basic governance, risk management, and compliance requirements. In case you have a GRC process, Complyworks company will assist you in taking this process to your third parties or a consistent approach throughout your global operations. Customers from more than 90 different countries use Complyworks services these days.

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    ABSA and COR Certifications FAQ

    ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) is a safety authority of pressure equipment in Alberta. It operates the work of Alberta’s pressure equipment safety programs under the Safety Codes Act. ABSA is a regulatory authority but is not a direct part of the government.