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ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and Avetta FAQ

What is Complyworks?

Complyworks is a Canadian company with headquarter in Calgary, Canada. It provides flexible and affordable compliance management solutions. With the help of Complyworks, you can go beyond basic governance, risk management, and compliance requirements. In case you have a GRC process, Complyworks company will assist you in taking this process to your third parties or a consistent approach throughout your global operations. Customers from more than 90 different countries use Complyworks services these days.

What solutions does Complyworks provide?

Complyworks provides flexible and affordable compliance management solutions. Those include corporate compliance management solution (CMS), workforce management solution, worksite management solution, environment, health and safety (EHS) management solution (Ariscu), e-invoicing solution.

Why should I purchase a ComplyWorks subscription?

By joining Complyworks as an employer, you become a partner of an industry leader in compliance management. After registering your company and going through a special questionnaire, you will get new work and easily manage your compliance.

What is ISNetworld safety?

ISNetworld is an online database platform for contractor and supplier management. It helps manage risk and strengthen relationships. Using ISNetworld, you will be able to reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes.

What will be included in the ISNetworld subscription?

ISNetworld annual subscription provides collection and review of various HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality) documents, compilation and review of insurance and other procurement-related documents, tracking and completion of employee-level training, tracking and completion of audits and evaluation reports, customer service and outreach, analysis of data and reporting tools.

What are the benefits of ISNetworld for hiring clients?

Benefits of using ISNetworld for hiring clients include a reduction of administrative burden, collecting and maintaining contractor and supplier information in one location, a dedicated team of ISN account representatives, contractor support, network at ISN events.

What is Avetta?

Avetta is a SaaS-based technology platform that connects people, companies and information. It connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors.

What solution does Avetta provide?

Avetta’s solution combines award-winning technology and expert service. It provides insurance monitoring, supplier prequalification, worker management, supplier audits, analytics and system integration.

How much does it cost to join Avetta?

Joining Avetta, you will be charged a registration fee of $199. A yearly membership costs around $800.