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ABSA and COR Certifications FAQ

What is ABSA certification?

ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) is a safety authority of pressure equipment in Alberta. It operates the work of Alberta’s pressure equipment safety programs under the Safety Codes Act. ABSA is a regulatory authority but is not a direct part of the government.

What programs and services does ABSA provide?

ABSA provides safety programs and services in areas such as safety regulation and development of safety standards, safety training and education, safety standards compliance.

What is ABSA’s mission?

Alberta’s regulatory authority ABSA exists to ensure that pressure equipment is designed, built, set and operated in a way that protects public safety.

What services are included in ABSA certification?

ABSA provides such services as technical inspection and registration of pressure equipment; review, audit and registration of Quality Control programs; examination, certification and registration of power engineers; education and training programs; testing and certification of pressure welders.

What does it mean to be COR certified?

To be COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified means that your health and safety programs meet established standards. The standards are set by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

How can I get a COR?

Before your organisation can get a COR, you need to make sure that your health and safety management system in place that meets provincial standards. Then you should follow three steps: find and choose a certifying partner, develop and implement a health and safety management system, get an audit.

How long will the COR certification last?

The COR certification is valid for three years if all the operation requirements are met. In case you have a new health and safety management system, with minimal documentation and history, you will get a 1-year COR certification.

How can I renew a COR?

To renew a COR (Certificate of Recognition), you should follow three steps: organize an external audit, have the audit completed, have the audit verified by their certification partner.