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How to get Well Drilling Licence in Saskatchewan?

What is Well Drilling License? What does it take to become a licensed well driller?

All states have their own licensing requirements for drillers and installers. However, a period of time in the industry before licensing is required. Often it takes 12-24 months. Licensing is required after the time requirement in the industry has been met. Some states require you to document that you have gained some experience in drilling or installing pumps. This documentation may be in different forms. You can provide completion certificates or other acceptable verifications. In case you want to become the driller or installer, you can find all the preparation information on the state website.

Who is entitled to issue a well licence?

The Ministry of Energy and Resources is entitled to issue a well licence before operating, drilling, producing, or exploring an upstream oil and gas well, or a potash well, in Saskatchewan. This license is also required to re-enter an abandoned well, deepen an existing vertical well or change the trajectory of a well.

Well licence applications can be subject to review by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment, but anyway, they are approved by the ministry. All official information, documentation, and applications required for all three departments are submitted through the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS)

How can you cancel a licence?

In case you would like to cancel the well licence, you can address the licensee at any time before drilling begins. The license can also be automatically revoked. This option is possible in case no drilling information is submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Resources through IRIS within one year of the license issue date.

How to apply for a well licence?

To apply for a well licence, you should follow two essential steps. Firstly, you should ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements. Secondly, you should log in to IRIS and complete the well licence application process.

What documents may be required with your well licence application from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture?

The list of documents that may be required with your well licence application from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture:

  • Oil and Gas Proposal
  • Conservation Data Center Search
  • Checklist for Private Lands (Mandatory)
  • Pre-Disturbance Site Assessment
  • Wetland Management Plan
  • Species of Concern Management Plan
  • Native Vegetation Management Plan