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Drilling Contractors FAQ

What is a drilling contractor?

Drilling contractor manages a drilling rig. The main spheres of their expertise are drilling wells, offshore, and onshore. Drilling contractors work in oil, construction, and mining companies. The primary responsibilities of drilling contractors are project planning, safety maintenance on the job, and clients’ satisfaction. To follow proper safety protocols, they have to get a professional certification. For the hardware and software, the drilling contractor charges a fixed rate.

How much does a drilling contractor make?

In the US drilling contractor makes an average of $67,656. The average bonus is approximately $1,788, which represents 3% of their salary. This bonus drilling contractors receive each year. The only state where the drilling contractors make the most is New York.

What is the meaning of IADC?

IADC means the International Association of Drilling Contractors. It is a famous forum that helps all oil and gas drilling industry stakeholders connect with each other, share their knowledge and experience, tackle common problems and develop solutions to critical issues. Each year it welcomes the membership of all companies involved in the worldwide upstream petroleum industry that shares a commitment to improving safety, advancing drilling technology, striving for reasonable regulation and legislation, and enhancing the training and education of technical and management personnel.

Who is the largest drilling contractor?

The world’s largest drilling contractor is Schlumberger. In 2018, it earned a record full-year revenue of $32.81bn. The headquarter of Schlumberger is based in Houston, Texas. This drilling contractor provides products and services such as directional drilling, formation evaluation, well completion and productivity, well cementing and stimulation, information management, IT infrastructure, software services, and consulting.

What is a rig up hand?

A rig hand, or as it also called roughneck, is a person who works on an oil rig. Usually, this worker is responsible for maintaining the drilling rig and equipment on the rig. This job includes different positions. The lowest rank is the leasehand who performs general maintenance service on the drilling rig. The floorhand is in charge of handling pipe, drilling tools, and other essential and necessary materials on the rig. The motorhand, derrickhand, and driller are responsible for maintaining the rig’s engines, monitoring the drill systems, and manning the drill.

What country has the most oil in the world?

It is proven that Venezuela has the most significant amount of oil reserves in the world. This country boasts plenty of conventional oil deposits. The amount of oil reserves in Venezuela is 300,878 million barrels. Venezuela's Orinoco tar sands are significantly less viscous than Canada's. Oil sands can be extracted using conventional oil extraction methods.

What is the biggest oil rig in the world?

The biggest oil rig in the world is called Berkut and it is situated off the Russian Pacific coast. Berkut boasts the most significant upper part of the world. Its name is translated as “Golden Eagle.” This oil rig was built to resist the sub-arctic conditions such as 60-foot waves, and temperatures of up to minus 44 degrees celsius.

What is IWCF certificate?

IWCF is the International Well Control Forum. It is the only independent body focused on oil and gas well control training, certification, and accreditation. IWCF certificate is needed in case you are planning to work in Europe, Australia, or the Middle East.

What is IADC WellSharp?

IADC WellSharp is a program that offers a set of comprehensive training standards for the international drilling industry. This program emphasizes rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities. It has evolved from WellCAP and created at the request of the sector through IADC’s members.

How much does Wild Well Control cost?

Wild Well Control school offers training in 13 qualifications. The price for attending this school ranges from $150 to $6,000, depending on the requirement you choose. The average cost is $1,500. Many of the reviewers say that their companies often pay for their training.