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Exports in Calgary FAQ

What is Calgary famous for?

Calgary city is the fifth largest in Canada and the biggest city in Alberta. Calgary is known for many industries, including Health, Education, Finance and Trade, Manufacturing and Agriculture. Calgary is also famous for the top companies found in the area: Shell Canada, Nova Chemicals, BP Canada Suncor Energy, Dow Chemical and Shaw Communications.

What are the key Calgary export markets?

Key export markets include the USA, China, Mexico, European Union, India, Japan, South Korea. Take a glance at the top 5 export categories in 2018.

Alberta Exports (picture via Industry Canada - Trade Data Online, August 2019)
Alberta Exports (picture via Industry Canada - Trade Data Online, August 2019)

What are the primary industries in Calgary?

Calgary city hosts the highest head office and small business concentration per capita in Canada thanks to Calgary’s entrepreneurial energy. The principal export industries are energy, financial services, technology, agribusiness, creative business, real estate, aerospace and logistics, manufacturing, life sciences.

What is the leading industry sector in Alberta?

Alberta is a global exporter in the agricultural sector. It is vast and export-oriented. In 2018, Alberta exported C$11.6 billion worth of agri-food products to international markets. Alberta is the largest cattle-producing province in Canada, with nearly 4.6 million head on farms or 41 percent of the national total, as of January 1, 2019. The province is also a significant hog producer in Canada with 1.5 million head on farms, as of January 1, 2019. Alberta enjoys a global reputation for safe, high-quality agriculture and agri-food products.