Company Description

By setting the standard for extended-reach tools, TTS Drilling Solutions can help any client reach its targeted depths. Our company, based in Oklahoma, is dedicated to expanding upon proven technologies and practices already available within the oil and gas industry. The need for extended-reach tools is steadily increasing in the industry as horizontal sections of wells continue to get longer and longer and as operators strive to maximize production. TTS Drilling Solutions' line of XRVT tools outperform those of its competitors, and our partnership with customers is no different. Focused on providing not only innovate and enhanced products but also superior customer service, TTS Drilling Solutions will work to help you find the best solution for your next drilling operation.

  • Excellent Tool Face Control
  • Increased Sliding ROP
  • Longer PDC Bit Life
  • Minimal MWD Interference
  • XRV Extended Reach Vibratory Tool
  • XRV Vibratory Tool
Additional Information
  • Extended Reach Drilling Tool
  • No Temperature Limitation
  • Excellent Face Control
  • No Fluid Compatibility Issues
  • Increased Sliding ROP
  • No Bit Or BHA Plugging