Wireline Equipment

The Wireline Equipment category contains companies that specialize in selling and maintaining wireline equipment for the oilfield industry. Services are available across Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan, and internationally.

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ATL Canadian Technologies Ltd started in 1999 and is a wholly owned private Canadian wireline manufactures representative company. We supply the following products to the "Wireline Contractors" in the Canadian oil & gas market place.
Brio-Tech Pressure Controls manufacturer’s wireline and slickline products which include surface equipment, tool string equipment, running tools, pulling tools, diffusers, bailers and much, much more. Please click our name to learn more.
Rebco Oil Tools, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Wireline Tools & Equipment. Well stocked inventory ready to ship at a moment’s notice.
Western Pressure Controls (2005) Ltd. is a wireline tool manufacturer that supplies a broad range of wireline tools and equipment to the oil and gas ...
Evolution Oil Tools uses technical expertise, innovative thinking and operational efficiency to deliver effective solutions to you. Reliable tooling ...
Results 1-14 of 14