Company Description

Roska’s business is built around providing great people and fit-for-purpose equipment to enable oil and natural gas producers and midstream companies across Western Canada to overcome their production, operations and well-testing challenges. Roska has thousands of experienced, motivated people with diverse skills. We can fulfill any operations staffing need you may have. Our unmatched people resources go hand-in-glove with our equipment. Roska designs, builds and operates a range of oilfield process equipment including Western Canada’s most complete lineup of rental pressure piping, high-pressure well-testing packages, well-site equipment for early production facilities, and specialized systems built for deployment speed and flexibility

  • FKODs
  • Flare Stacks
  • Line Heaters
  • Pressure Piping
  • Separators
Additional Information
  • • Separators • Tank Farms
  • • Process Piping • FKOD
  • • Flare Stacks • Valves
  • • Meter Skids • Dehydrators
  • • Power Generators
  • • Instrumentation • Pumps
  • Light, Tight Oil Packages
  • We Design, Deliver
  • Install & Operate
  • Engineered Solutions