Company Description

Rock Data Services has been leading the oilfield instrumentation industry in innovation since 1991, effectively providing necessary services to the Oil and Gas industry. Services include state of the art battery pack manufacturing, electronic memory gauge calibration, rental and sales of our innovative Panther Probe memory and pressure gauges, and over 20 years of data reporting and reservoir well analysis experience. Our Panther Probe electronic memory recorders uphold our standard of performance driven innovation – we are constantly and effectively applying new technology to meet the evolving needs of the Oil and Gas industry. Manufactured in Canada from the highest quality materials and workmanship, our recorders are designed in anticipation of wireline, perforating, fracturing, production, and optimization applications, and are built to satisfy those requirements. Rock Data Services also provides a variety of rental options for the Panther Probe line of products. We will supply you with the right tool to fit your needs.

  • AER PAS File Validations & Submissions
  • Data Logging & Acquisition
  • Data Reporting & Analysis
  • Dual Channel Display Loggers
  • Frac Monitoring System
  • Frac Tool Carriers
  • Hybrid Wireline Technology to 190 degrees C.
  • Panther Probe Distributor
  • Perforating Tool Carriers
  • Pressure & Temperature Calibrations
  • Quartz Down-hole Probe
  • Silicon Down-hole Probe
  • Surface Memory Pressure Probes
Additional Information
  • Panther Probe Distributor