Liquid Edge Oilfield Services Ltd

B-9447 78 Ave, Clairmont, AB T0H0W0

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Fax: 780 357-1910

Company Description

Liquid Edge Oilfield Services Ltd. offers complete tank truck services for Grande Prairie, northern Alberta & B.C. and are backed with their COR certificiation, ComplyWorks and ISNetworld. They are your choice when looking for sour sealed units, crude oil, rig fluids, production fluids, KCL and drilling mud transportation.

  • Calcium hauling
  • Crude oil hauling
  • Drilling fluid hauling
  • Drilling mud hauling
  • Frac oil hauling
  • Fresh water hauling
  • Inhibitor hauling
  • KCL hauling
  • Produced water hauling
  • Production fluids hauling
  • Rig fluid hauling
  • Silicate hauling
  • Sour sealed trucks
  • Sour sealed units
  • Tank trucks Grande Prairie