Compass Bending Ltd

7320 30 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C1W2

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Company Description

Compass Bending Ltd. bends pipes for oil and gas pipeline and facility construction projects. Having been in the bending business for nearly 30 years, the company's team has plenty of shop and field experience in steel fabrication and construction. The company offers pipe bends in both standard and custom radii, an array of coating pipe bends and many types of structural bending and rolling. Compass Bending's shop based in Calgary, Alta., also has a selection of commonly requested elbows, fabricated pipe spools and various long transition pieces for quick shipment to any project site. Compass Bending's main priority on any order is maintaining a high standard of quality. As such, the company follows a rigorous system or quality assurance processes, including destructive testing and non-destructive examinations. When you order from Compass Bending, you can be confident that the product will be reliable and high quality.

  • 10" Bends
  • 12" Bends
  • 16" Bends
  • 3D Bends
  • 5D Bends
  • Coating
  • Structural Bending
  • YJ Bends
  • taping