Challenger Technical Services

Elk Point, AB

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Company Description

Challenger Technical Services serves the remedial cementing industry by providing cutting-edge cementing technology. They offer the Advanced Cementing Unit (ACU), which is a cement-pumping unit with one self-contained chassis, which requires less manpower, reduces a cementing operation's footprint and improves efficiency. The ACU also offers on-board dust collection and has internal connections between the bulk and mix tanks, preventing fluid and cement spills. In addition, Challenger Technical Services has developed its own cement blend, NanoBLOK, which offers better strength, permeability and porosity compared to typical cement blends. This blend can be accelerated or retarded using an admix agent, has a very fine particle size, and has low viscosity and fluid loss.

  • Concrete
  • Fluid Migration
  • Remedial Cementing
  • Surface Vent Flow
  • Zone Shutoff