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Green Seal Certified Safety Courses, a wholly owned subsidiary of Citi Consulting Ltd., was founded in May 2009. Our business platform and contractual agreement with our training partners is unique in the safety training industry. Green Seal Certified Safety Courses Instructors have taught thousands of workers and we have received overwhelming acknowledgment, endorsement and acceptance of our curricula. We believe in best practice, due diligence and affecting a positive change. To quote one instructor "whatever touches our eyes and reaches our ears is our business". Although it would be easy to accept status quo, it runs counter to our beliefs and vision for positively changing safety culture. We are committed to choosing the right associations, in the right time and method and standing firm in our convictions and knowledge. Our comprehensive Instructional Training Programs (train the trainer) provides the instructors a thorough understanding of Green Seal Certified Safety Courses course materials, instructional and administrative requirements. We are committed to: 1. Review, develop and update instructor training, auditing processes, safety training materials and certification criteria to ensure quality control a minimum of once yearly, are best practices, and meet federal and provincial standards. 2. Provide team teaching/ auditing to instructors as requested/ required. 3. Provide ongoing support and updates via phone, mail, email and Skype at the training partner's request or as required from reviews and audits to assist with instructor development and paperwork submission. Green Seal Certified Safety Courses' focus is on delivery of quality courses that meet and exceed industry standard, challenge workers to use best practice and due diligence, undergo timely course revisions regarding legislation, regulations and technology and provide superior ongoing materials for Instructors and Training Partners alike. Our power point instructional platforms are designed to engage students, keep the program moving forward and the instructor on track. Course PPTs couple with information rich student resource manuals which are written in common language, contain industry definitions, and contact information for government and industry appropriate to the course, index and glossary for easy reference. Every course has due diligence activities, which ensure course delivery, competent instruction and student participation and comprehension.

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