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KPA Oilfield Services Ltd. has been supplying different types of vehicles to the oil and gas industry for nearly a decade. What started as an owner/operator company has grown to include several pressure trucks, steam trucks, hydro-vac trucks, gravel trucks and dump trunks. KPA strives to maintain its good relationships with the clients it has in the area and is always looking to connect with future clients. The company is based in Chetwynd, B.C., but also has staff ready to be dispatched from Tumbler Ridge, B.C., and Dawson Creek, B.C. All of KPA's operators are experienced in their field and have the necessary, up-to-date training and qualifications to safely complete all services the company offers. At KPA, safety, reliability and efficiency are the priorities, and the company is committed to leading by example.

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KPA Oilfield Services Ltd

4325 Hwy 29 N Chetwynd, BC
(250) 788-6933
(250) 788-9154