Capstan Hauling Ltd

9511 - 154 Ave
Grande Prairie T8X 0L2

780 402-3110

Company Description

Capstan Hauling is ready to transport anything with our wide selection of equipment, including pickers, bed trucks, winch tractors and cranes, along with a range of additional equipment such as pilot trucks, manbaskets, spreader bars, a variety of trailers and double drop trombone. We are committed to getting your job done and getting it done right in a safe, professional manner with a timely turnaround and completion schedule. Capstan is a locally owned and operated oilfield trucking company based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, and we service all of northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. We provide quality service with a focus on the principles of integrity. SPECIALIST HAULING
Cranes up to 165 Ton/Tip Heights to 280'
Pickers up to 45 Ton Double Drop Trailers Trombones
Man Baskets Spreader Bars Tractors & Beds 48 Wheeler 125 Ton 64/92 Wheeler/Trailer
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