TITAN Specialized Hauling Ltd

NW-08-053-17W5, Edson, AB

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Company Description

TITAN Specialized Hauling Ltd. is an oil and gas, mining and construction sector transportation provider that services central and northwestern Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Our company offers 24-hour hauling services, as well as equipment, including pickers, bed trucks, specialty off-road equipment, tri-drive winch tractors, trailers with up to 48-wheel combinations, pilot trucks, gooseneck trailers, tandems, Texas bed and bed trucks. We have one 15-acre storage yard and another 10-acre storage yard. To ensure safety requirements are met, TITAN conducts internal audits, hazard assessments and continues to update our policies and procedures. Supervisors are sent to most of the company's specialized hauls and all of our large, multi-truck jobs.

  • 45 Ton Pickers
  • Beds up to 400'
  • Safety - Integrity - Excellence
  • Serving Edson & Surrounding Areas
  • Tri-Drive & Tandem Tractors
  • Wheelers
  • Your Premium Transportation Company
Quality Certifications
  • COR
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  • ComplyWorks
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