Thru Tubing Solutions

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Company Description

Providing specialized, performance-optimized downhole services and equipment since 1997, Thru Tubing Solutions (TTS) is a leading supplier of thru tubing products and services. Established by seasoned field professionals and engineers who know what their customers need, TTS has more than 20 locations strategically located in major shale plays around the world. TTS is committed to rising to the challenges that come with providing products and services to the growing and evolving oil and gas industry. With custom engineering and 24-7 service, our entire team strive to constantly improve upon all products and services we offer, including milling and cleanout services, abrasive cutting and perforating tools, and coiled tubing and snubbing tools.

  • Abrasive Cutting & Perforating Technology
  • Abrasive Cutting and Perforating
  • Bypassing Perforating System
  • Coiled Tubing Conveyed Support Tools
  • E-Coil Equipment
  • E-Wrench & E-Vise Total Torque Solution
  • Fishing and Retrieval Services
  • Milling & Cleanout Services
  • Premium Downhole Equipment
  • Running and Retrieval Services
  • Snubbing & Tubing Accessory Equipment
  • Wash Tool Accessories
  • Zipp System