Company Description

EDMONTON ALBERTA FABRICATION SHOP AND FIELD SERVICES DIVISION The Edmonton Alberta fabrication and field services division is located at 98th Street and 51st avenue giving access to major shipping corridors out of the city. This fabrication facility produces a wide range of fabricated modules, pressure vessel packages, skid packages, miscellaneous components and pipe spooling modules. The field services division undertakes module production and site services, including millwrighting, structural erection, electrical and mechanical work in all ICI sectors. Combined, the two divisions can produce 60,000 – 100,000 man-hours of annual production operating two shifts daily. Manufacturing Buildings – Boilermakers labeled shop and UA Labeled Shop Main building dimensions and equipment: -28,000 sq.ft of indoor manufacturing floor space -Two 10 ton, one 5 ton overhead cranes c/w 25’ to the hook -Two 15 ton overhead cranes 30’ to the hook -Two 5 ton overhead cranes c/w 15’ to the hook -Up to date manufacturing equipment, utilizing the latest production processes -Concrete 3 acre yard suitable for outdoor package completions - Full process equipment design capabilities and in-house welding engineering -ABSA certified; library of 500+ registered vessel designs Field Operations Division – UA labeled shop; IBEW labeled electrical Building dimensions and equipment: -7,000 sq. ft service building and tool crib -Two 2 ton cranes c/w 15’ to the hook -Modern manufacturing equipment, utilizing the latest production processes -Concrete 3 acre yard suitable for module fabrication and skid completions -Experienced project managers -Complete electrical services capability- industrial, commercial, institutional -Ability to promptly draw resources from other divisions

  • Construction – Plant or Construction-General Oilfield
  • Fabricators
  • Heaters-Line
  • Pipe fabrication – Installation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Process Equipment-Production Equipment
  • Separators-New
  • Separators-Production
  • Steel Structural
  • Vessel – Packages
Quality Certifications
  • ABSA
  • ASME
  • COR
  • CWB
Prequalification Systems
  • CanQual