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Company Description

the sales, repair, service and warranty center for ACD and Cryoquip well service equipment. Cryogenic Industries Canada sells liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen, LNG and CO2 pumping equipment for the well service industry as well as the industrial gas business in Canada. ACD high pressure nitrogen Frac pumps, ACD trailer centrifugal pumps, cryogenic fittings, vaporizer parts, Lamot and Zook burst disks, Rego check valves, Bestobell cryogenic valves and parts, Coddard valves and parts, Herose valves and parts, Cryoquip vaporizer sales parts and service, etc. CI Canada repairs & services ACD, CryoQuip, Cosmodyne, Paul, Airco, L&S, CS&P, HydraRig, Texas Southwest (TSW), CryoStar, JC Carter, CryoMach, Cryogenic Machinery, Wessington, and Chart cryogenic service pumping equipment. Our Nitrogen equipment builders include Stewart & Stevenson, Serva Corp, Surefire Ind, CW Manufacturing, Enerflow, Crown, ACFC, WellQuip, etc. ACD pumps include the GUPD, SLS, AC-18HD, LMPD, SL2, TC-21, TC-34, AC-30, TOP215, SG, and GMPD. CryoQuip models include the VWP, ADFV and EGV. Cosmodyne equipment includes many types of ASU (air separation plants), LNG liquefiers and Nitrogen gas generators. CI Canada has ACD LNG pumps for marine, rail, high horsepower engines, transport, and mining fuel systems. Cryogenic valves and manifolds for transport trailers, N2 pumpers, skid units, transfer tanks, ASU plants, customer fill stations, and yard filling stations. Please visit our website at and you can also find more Cryogenic Industries equipment at ; and

  • Bestobell Cryogenic Valves
  • Centrifugual Pumps
  • Cryogenic Valves
  • Fired & Non Fired Nitrogen Vaporizers
  • High Pressure N2, LNG & CO2 Pumps