Commander Combustion

PO Box 22536 Southbrook RPO, Edmonton, AB T6W0C3

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Company Description

Commander Combustion provides truck-mounted, hydraulically erected, freestanding enclosed burner rentals, sales and service. These burners come in a variety of sizes and are automatically adjustable for continuous or intermittent gas flows. They can handle sweet waste gases, vapour recovery gases, oil battery solution waste gas, tank vapour recovery gases, and wireline and service rig waste gas. The company also offers 40-foot flare stacks, knockouts, gas-operated 50-kilowatt, 80 -kilowatt and 130-kilowatt gensets, well and tight hole well testing, as well as pipeline blowdown services, and pipeline and vessel depressuring services. Commander Combustion operates in residential, public and environmentally sensitive locations and offers their services in both western Canada and the United States.

  • Combustion
  • Efficiency
  • Flare
  • Gas
  • Generators
  • Ground Burners
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Incinerators
  • Knockouts
  • Mounted liquid knockout
  • Odor Control
  • Oil
  • Oilfield Rental Equipment
  • Solar powered ESD control
  • Trailer mounted hydrolically erected free standing
Additional Information
  • Mobile Enclosed Burner Rentals
  • Knockout, Generator & Flare Stack Rental