Company Description

Cartel Energy Services Inc. is your 1 stop solution for oilfield rentals with 24/7 tech support. We have 350bbl and 400bbl low profile Floc tanks. They are four compartment tanks with three 4" suction lines and one 6" suction line. Cartel Floc tanks include a winch for easy transfer pump usage, side walkways for convenient access and are stackable for efficient transport. We carry ITT Flygt 4" submersible transfer pumps (Flygt pumps) and ITT Flygt 4" submersible trash pumps. Our pumps have a 4" discharge and can be wired for three phase 230V or 480V as required. They include an explosion proof switch box and come with a pump enclosure with cable wrap. Cartel's Side Slide Flare Tanks allow for faster, easier spotting of the tank. A fully enclosed, lockable storage bin is also included. Cartel's Slide Flare Tanks, Rolling Degasser Flare Tanks and Flow Back Flare Tanks are 12m3 in size and are designed so that installation can be completed by one person. They have adjustable lines for easy hookup and the igniter system utilizes solar technology. The Side Slide and Degasser Flare Tanks come with two 8" degasser lines that can be swedged down to 6" if needed as well as two 4" flare lines that can be swedged down to 3" if required. An optional 6" diverter line can be added upon request. Cartel Energy Shale Bins are 4' tall and are built with strong 1/2" thick steel floors and 1/4" thick steel walls. They are available with an optional fold down ramp. Our Magnum 6kw light towers are reliable, simple to setup, and their small, light construction makes them easy to tow. We have Generators in various configurations ranging from 25kW to 225kW. Cartel pipe racks provide safe and convenient storage for drill pipe, casing, tubing, and drill collars. The pipe racks steel-framed, reinforced triangular design offers strength and stability, allowing pipe to be horizontally stacked on top of them. Each pipe rack is fitted with locking pins and welded-on chain for added safety in ensuring the pipe stays on the rack. Cartel rig matting has various applications in areas such as oilfield leases, soft roadways, pipeline crossings, forestry access or construction sites requiring minimal ground disturbance. Matting is available in various lengths such as 8' x 8', 8' x 20' and 8' x 40'. We carry CAT 930G Wheel Loaders with optional bucket, pipe grapple, and pallet fork attachments. Cartel Energy carries Herman Nelson Portable Diesel Heaters that have a capacity of 505,000 BTU, a heater air output of 3,100 CFM and a discharge temperature of 220F. Quick connect ducts attach to the front cap outlet(s) and enable the operator to disburse the heated air over a large area. We offer a single discharge 16" outlet or dual 12" outlets with necessary ducts included. We have state of the art wireless rig phones, cellular repeaters and 2-way radios. Our systems are user friendly with easy to remember extension numbers, requires no technician for rig moves, is scalable for all sizes of locations and can allow distribution of internet access when internet service is supplied to site. Our Cellular Repeater, or Cell Booster, allows cell phone service at remote locations. It is capable of boosting 3G, EVDO and/or 1X data depending on availability at tower. We specialize in VHF radios from high-quality manufacturers such as ICOM, Motorola, and Kenwood. We have all types of two-way radios including Mobiles, Basestations, and IS (Intrinsically Safe) and non-IS Handheld radios available. Our portable towers extend up to 106' tall and can be fitted with our cellular repeater to provide cellular service to camps and other remote locations. The tower is fast to setup; raising with the push of a button. It's built to handle high winds and requires zero ground disturbance. Cartel Energy provides storage, inventory management, and delivery solutions for casing pipe. We utilize standard Tallys program for rack and tallying of pipe and our highway tractors and picker trucks provide flexible and reliable delivery to any drilling rig location..

  • Casing Pipe Storage and Delivery
  • Cement Return Bins
  • Communications Equipment Rentals
  • Surface Equipment Rentals
  • Winch and Highway Tractors
Quality Certifications
  • COR
Prequalification Systems
  • ComplyWorks
  • ISNetworld