AMA Fleet Safety Training

Edmonton, AB

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Company Description

AMA is an organization that provides a multitude of services to its members, which are made up of Alberta drivers. They provide services for travel and vacation, insurance, driver education, community services and members-only rewards and savings. Under their driving education service offering, they provide a driver-training program specialized for Fleet Safety Services. Your employees will learn how to improve their driving skills in a variety of courses, such as advanced vehicle control, collision avoidance, driver fatigue management, commercial vehicle and van handling, aggressive driving, and emergency maneuvers. They also offer courses for hazard awareness, proactive defensive driving, winter driving, fuel-efficient driving and driving at night.

  • Satefy training
  • defensive driving
  • fleet safety training
  • lower insurance premiums
  • travel
Additional Information
  • Helping employers in western Canada
  • improve productivity, lower insurance
  • premiums, protect their employees
  • & encourage safe practices on roadways