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Our mission is to provide customized oil and gas lubricant solutions that maximize production, reduce costs, and are environmentally friendly

Our quality products are designed to reduce friction and maintain a superior lubricating barrier that keeps surfaces from wearing while in contact with each other. This prolongs the life cycle of contact parts and reduces the frequency of maintenance required - thus reducing downtime. Downtime is very costly to any water injection operation and our product offerings minimize that. The overall result of Guardex Lubes' superior lubrication is longer-lasting equipment with minimum maintenance to give our customers lower operating costs.

Guardex Lubes is dedicated to helping oil and gas operators evaluate, stimulate, and increase well productivity. We do this by placing emphasis on one thing: results. This objective requires that our company's products are designed to reduce operating costs and overall downtime in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

We encourage and expect each employee to be environmentally responsible.
We make environmental considerations a priority throughout the process of developing new products.
We comply with or exceed all applicable laws and regulations. Where existing laws and regulations are not adequate, the company will adopt its own environmental quality standards.
We design and develop products and operate in a manner that protects human health and minimizes the impact of the products on the environment.

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