Company Description

We are the industries' leading provider of paraffin and asphaltene removal services. The DWAX well maintenance service is an all-inclusive program and removes wax and asphaltenes from each well (tubing, rods and flow lines) at a fixed price. This non-disruptive, insitu, oil field service allows pumping to continue as service proceeds eliminating any production downtime. Build-up that was previously restricting pump flow, causing pump failures and parted rods is permanently encapsulated into a flowable state that mixes and processes with the oil stream. In addition, we are the only company that uses a mid-range temperature approach and green profile chemicals, both characteristics that reduce damage and risk to production, equipment and workers.

Products & Services

Paraffin / Asphaltene Removal ,   Prevention Programs For Oil And Gas Wells ,   Bitumen Dispersing ,   Flow Line Cleanouts  


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