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Introduction For over 50 years, engineers have relied upon Rotork for the most innovative and dependable valve actuation and flow control solutions. From safety systems that may be needed just once in a lifetime to high precision controls that are constantly on the move, Rotork products are remain the clear choice, worldwide. Leaders in Flow Control From its inception over 50 years ago, Rotork has grown to be a major international business with subsidiaries all around the world. We are recognised as global leaders, designing and building the most reliable products, backed up by highly acclaimed customer service. A genuine, long-term commitment to customers and partners underpins our culture of engineering excellence, making Rotork a consistently dependable choice for products and service. Committed to Innovation Throughout the company’s history, our engineers have focused on solving customer challenges and developing new solutions with levels of engineering skill and creativity that our competitors still cannot match. Some innovations are adopted almost immediately, whilst others may require thousands of hours of testing and certification before they can be offered to our customers. With every product that Rotork develops, you can be sure of one thing: That quality and reliability are an integral part. Serving the World Rotork has always been committed to global customer-base, supporting operations in some of the most remote and challenging environments. We have established manufacturing facilities across the globe plus over 350 offices and regional centres of excellence. These provide our staff with all the training and support they need to deliver excellent service, wherever they are needed. Whether you work directly with Rotork or engage through a partner, you can be confident that our products and support remain the best in the world.

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