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G Force offers all services necessary to keep your truck rolling and making you money. We offer everything from the normal Saskatchewan and Alberta CVIP inspections and all wiring and driveline repairs. All engine repairs including lube bay oil changes, tune-ups, in-frames and complete overhauls on our engine stand. Once any of our engine work is completed we will run trucks on our chassis dyno. Only dyno in the Lloydminster area. Handy for real world under load diagnostics and engine break-in procedures. We are unique because we offer in-house welding and machining. We can custom build fuel efficient or custom engines and offer custom ECM tuning.

G Force Diesel Service was started as a dream of the owner Greg Schwenk in the fall of 1997. Starting out by himself with a single modest mobile truck. Within six months he had a shop and a couple technicians to help out with demand. Jump forward to today with over 25 staff and a 30,000 sq.ft. shop. A second location launched in 2009 in Estevan Saskatchewan. Numerous products distributed by G Force Diesel across western Canada to it's dealers. Thanks to great staff that works hard and cares about their customers downtime!

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