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Company Description

Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) specializes in providing safe, cost effective temporary access products and solutions for energy industries across North America: including transmission & distribution, pipeline, oil and gas, wind, potash, forestry, LNG and more. Our products and services deliver safe access to otherwise impassable terrain for reasons such as poor ground conditions, weather, sensitive farm/grass lands and traditional land use areas. Guaranteeing access to a job site using NMB is the smart choice to safeguard against injury, damage, labilities and delays. We call the use of matting “access insurance”, as it allows for the extension of construction, exploration and drilling seasons with minimal impact to the environment. We have an integrated solution of highly-qualified personnel, the right machines and products that perform: working together to meet your specific needs. Benefits of working with Northern Mat & Bridge include: Reduced Costs – With the largest inventory in Canada: Over 150,000 access mats, 2,000 rig mats and 300 portable bridges, we handle large scale matting & bridge jobs with ease and assurance Canada Wide – Mats, equipment and crews placed strategically throughout the country to reduce transport costs, time and save you money Modern Equipment – We own and operate a modern fleet of equipment and trucks, we complete jobs efficiently and avoid operational-related down time Turn-Key – With only one phone call we deliver complete access support through the entire life-cycle of your project In-house Manufacturing – Ensures that our mats are engineered to the highest quality while using ethical and environmentally responsible wood sources Aboriginal Relations – Our understanding and respect for indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices contributes to sustainable and equitable development and proper management of the environment Our core values direct us towards innovation of the industry and protection of the environment. Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is a new and independent group of NMB that is designed specifically to prepare your company for accessing sensitive terrain, such as farmlands and native grasslands, as well as respond to environmental emergencies. Being prepared allows you to minimize environmental impacts that heavy machinery can have on the soil. It also allows you to reduce the environmental and public damage of hazardous breaks, spills, train derailments and natural disasters; in-turn avoiding costly down-time. NEAS also offers mat and equipment washing services with state-of-the-art washing technology. NEAS’s 100% portable washing units help to minimize cross-contamination issues by following a 3 step cleaning process, recognized by the Canola Council of Canada. Our automated washing processes are extremely efficient; significantly saving time and money. All matting and bridges are available for rent or purchase. We provide attractive lease to own options, as well as many other options that can be discussed. For more information on Northern Mat & Bridge’s products and services, visit our website at or call 1-800-354-4144.

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