With the amount of product and equipment moving in and out of the oilfield, trucking is a necessity. The industry uses many different types of trucks depending on the task and location.

Types and applications

There are many types of trucks performing a variety of functions in the oilfield. Examples include the following:

Boom and winch trucks: used to lift or winch loads on and off trailers. These powerful trucks can pull or position heavy equipment over trailers or well holes.

Fluid trucks: brings or takes fluids to or from drilling sites, and can be used to transport drinking water if they meet certain health standards. Many fluid trucks have heated water pumps.

Hydrovac trucks: come equipped with a vacuum to collect excess water or debris as well as a tank to contain what it has collected.

Bed trucks: have a flatbed that can carry light and heavy loads. Because they can be loaded and unloaded easily, they are best for short trips.

Industry Trends

An increase in oilfield activity generally leads to an increase in trucking opportunities, so oilfield trucking may pick up as the economy improves. Low oil prices resulting in industry cutbacks mean less cargo to move (equipment, product, etc.), so trucking opportunities are largely reliant on the economy.


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