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Many things can affect the flow of liquid, such as friction, elevation, viscosity and the piping itself. Pumps can be used to overcome these problems, and so play a large part in the industry.

Types and applications

There are three key categories of pumps: centrifugal and positive displacement:

  1. Centrifugal pumps: commonly used for handling and mixing fluids and drilling mud. They have low initial and maintenance costs; a simple, smooth, and continuous operation; and are able to operate in many different conditions.
  2. Positive displacement pumps: commonly used to circulate drilling fluid. They include rotary pumps (gear pumps, lobe pumps, sliding vane pumps, screw pumps) and reciprocating pumps. Rotary pumps and piston pumps can work in high pressures and high speeds, and are self-priming.
  3. Electrical submersible pump (ESP): capable of lifting medium to high volumes of fluids from wells. Controllers can increase the range significantly.

Industry Trends

The pump manufacturing industry has done well over the past five years, and is poised to continue growing with the establishment of new export markets.

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