Perforating Tools


Perforating tools are used to blast holes in the walls of steel casing, cement and rock. Explosive charges are detonated downhole to create tunnels that help fluids flow through the wellbore and on to the surface. Electricity-enabled wirelines are commonly used to run perforating guns as they enable real-time depth control and reduced logistics.

Types and applications

There are several types of perforating guns, including the following:

  • Casing gun: used to punch holes in casing string. They can carry six perforating charges per foot and use a larger-diameter gun assembly.
  • Expendable gun: used in limited-access wellbores and breaks up after firing, making smaller debris.
  • Retrievable gun: doesn’t produce much debris and can be retrieved from the wellbore easily.
  • High-shot density gun: has a deeper penetration and creates a limited amount of debris, leading to better distribution of perforations around the casing. These guns can carry up to 27 shots per foot.

Industry Trends

Currently presenting a slow growth due to the economy and low oil prices, the future may see this service increase slowly due to a rise in drilling activities and exploration.

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