Chemicals (not anti-corrosive or bonding)


Production chemists need a wide range of chemical additives for the oil and gas industry. In order to upgrade crude oil of varying quality, environmentally constrained chemical solutions are demanded. Chemicals are needed because bacteria change the quality of oil over time. For example, bacteria can interfere with production and cause downstream toxic hazards.

Types & Applications

Some types of chemicals are:

  • Drilling and completion fluid additives such as deflocculants, lubricants, pH controllers, shale inhibitors and surfactants.
  • Stimulation fluid additives, a category that includes bactericides, clay stabilizers, diverting agents and polymeric viscosifiers.
  • Fracturing fluids, fluids that stimulate wells once they are injected.
  • Cementing additives such as accelerators, fluid-loss reducers, spacers and chemical washes.
  • Production chemicals such as gels, inhibitors, demulsifiers and oxygen scavengers.

Industry Trends

During the boom years in the ‘70s and ‘80s, chemicals used in the oilfield were simple and controls on their quality were lax as supply struggled to keep up with demand. When the mid-1980s oil crisis hit, cost-savings measures had companies demanding detailed information about the additives in their chemicals, which coincided with rising public interest in health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues. Currently, the oil and gas industry expects sustainable development, HSE compliance and chemical quality of their chemical suppliers.high chemical quality of their chemical suppliers.




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