More buyers are using the COSSD every month.

COSSD is the leading database for Canadian oil and gas services and supplies.

In 2014, the COSSD had over 208,272 unique visitors to its website, and over 57,000 visitors from a mobile device!

Top 10 Exploration & Production Companies That Use

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In the past year, over 248,278 people used the COSSD.

The COSSD website alone had over 208,272 unique visitors!

But who is using it? Many of Canada’s leading exploration and production companies use, as do many other primary and secondary purchasers of oilfield services and supplies.

Two things you should know:

How the COSSD is growing

1. Over 208,272 people used the in 2014, and this usage is growing rapidly.

2014-chart-white-small Top Exploration & Production Companies

2. These buyers often work for
your ultimate customers.