Rotork Controls (Canada) Ltd

6-820 28 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A6K1

Company Description

Oil & Gas Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related equipment for every part of the petro-chemical industry, including production, processing, distribution and storage. With over 50 years' experience in serving the industry, we are the world's largest independent manufacturer of heavy duty valve actuators and our products control thousands of valves in petro-chemical plants across the world. Actuators are Vital Actuators help control almost everything that happens in a petro-chemical plant, so they're vital to the operation and safety of every plant. Rotork actuators are accurate, robust and efficient and are backed by full service support resulting in precise control, lower costs, lower emissions and a safe environment. We have a full range of actuators, all designed to meet the stringent requirements of the petro-chemical industry and to provide exacting levels of durability and reliability. Processing - Oil Refinery Actuators are a vital part of the operation of every refinery. There are about 1,000 actuators in a typical refinery, depending on the size of the operation and the level of automation. Rotork's range of actuators enables accurate and reliable control of many different operations. We provide actuators and service support to refineries around the world. Pipelines & Storage Rotork has installed large numbers of actuators in pipelines and actuators with Pakscan systems, in many storage and export facilities around the world that are moving, storing and loading oil and liquid gases. Storage and export operations have a high requirement for actuators, as complex flows of multiple products need to be managed between tanks and loading facilities. In these areas, actuators are needed to provide accurate control and monitoring control of multiple products continuous visibility of all operations maintain high levels of safety immediate emergency shutdown capability