Buffalo Inspection Services

8403 Davies Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6E4N3

Company Description

Since our founding in 1979, as a small family business, we have grown in leaps and bounds into a powerful NDT entity. Yet, we remained committed to the family and the employee as a small business would. All of our employees enjoy a direct vested interest in the company and take ownership in all that they do as part of the team. The Buffalo family of employees brings with it a diverse and vast knowledge base unique to most NDT companies. This diverse compilation of knowledge, skills and abilities is what sets Buffalo Inspection Services apart from all other NDT companies. It is because of this, you can be guaranteed to be offered fresh new approaches to solve old problems. We believe in the old adage that it does take a higher level of thinking to solve the problems that the previous level of thinking got us into in the first place. With this unique power of the employee, Buffalo Inspection Services was able to break free of the bindings that hold most NDT companies back. With it, we have built our own quality management system, safety programs, NDT procedures manual, and a multitude of other in-house training programs. We even develop our own software applications when the need arises. Very few NDT companies can do this, yet we feel it is very important that we, as the team, are intimate with our products, programs and systems to ensure they deliver at 100% capacity.