COSSD Video: Distributing COSSD

There are two surefire ways to tell you’re talking to a COSSD sales representative: the yellow ink on their fingers, and the outrageously high number on their odometer.

Every year, this sales team racks up the miles spreading COSSD across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. In the latest COSSD Video release, account manager Gregg Wolkowski shares some tales from the road and explains the extensive delivery system that supports this product.

Users can find COSSD at over 30 oil and gas trade shows and conferences throughout the year, as well as numerous display stands at hotels and supply stores across western Canada. And whenever a COSSD representative is in town visiting clients, you can be certain they’re also refilling those stands and making sure the directory is always available.

In fact, they’re so dedicated to ensuring COSSD makes it into the hands of users that every June, Gregg and the rest of the sales force hit the road and personally deliver well over 40,000 copies of COSSD.

Gregg recalls even heading out to one farmer’s land just to make sure he got his copy of the directory. That farmer might be more preoccupied with his crops during the summer, but he’ll need the COSSD when he turns to his water-truck business in winter.

“We’ll travel great distances to make sure he gets the directory,” Gregg says.

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