COSSD in print—“How many people still use the book?”

It’s true that more and more people are using COSSD in digital form — through a BlackBerry or iPhone, on a Garmin GPS, through the website or in a DVD digital book.

However, in 2010 over 50,000 people used the printed COSSD book (often known as the “Yellow Book”). It can still be found wherever people in the oil and gas industry make buying decisions — in head offices, field offices, leases, rigs, gas plants and even trucks.

In June 2010, over 48,000 of these books were hand delivered across Canada’s western provinces. They were delivered to 18,506 offices (400 more than in 2009), with 85 per cent of the deliveries signed for, indicating the company’s desire to have a specific number that their staff had requested. Of these 48,000+ books, fewer than 50 were returned.

Complementing hand delivery, over 3,000 books were also distributed at 30 oil and gas trade shows, conferences and events. Even more were distributed from stands in hotels, motels, supply stores, gas stations and other locations.

It’s clear that many people still want and use this book to make buying decisions. The COSSD has been a staple for the industry for over 30 years. It’s the original, and still the favourite* directory!


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